Geotechnical Engineering as a discipline has applications in many different industry sectors. The mining and quarrying industries rely on Geotechnical Engineers to ensure rock wall and tunnel stability, monitor stress, remediate failures and optimise mine design for the rock mass among other functions.


Civil engineering and construction projects require geotechnical input for ground strength, groundwater effects, slope stability, rock mass characteristics, foundation design, seismic and liquifaction assessment.


Environmental issues, requirements or conflicts can occur in any circumstance and usually require immediate and positive resopnses.


For the most part our services fall into these two main industry classifications, there are some exceptions; for instance we have assisted a number of clients in the agricultural construction with preparation of their Building Consent documents and GIS survey, recently we were involved in a Resource Consent for a West Coast whitebait jetty providing the client with an erosional impact assessment.


If you think we can help or do not know who else to ask, ask us. We may not know the answer but we can probably tell you who does!

Mining and Quarrying

In the extractive industry it is well understood that carefully designed mines and quarries are safe and productive. Every excavation, be it a tunnel, cut slope, highwall or shaft has an optimum balance between the forces in the rock causing it to fail and the geotechnical design.


Fundamentally the rock mass or material of the excavation needs to be understood in a way that allows the best outcome for the project, to maximise output while ensuring safe working conditions. Through mapping, monitoring, data collection and field observation the geotechnical model can be built up with increasing confidence for mine design and planning. Rigorous modelling and design of the cut will increase profitability, reduce cost and expliot the resource in the most efficient way.


If you think you need some geotechnical input, then you probably do, just ask us your question and we'll see what we can do.




Whether you are building a road, house or commercial development the founding medium is crucial to the proposed structure. Ground strength, settlement, seismic factors and liquefaction as a minimum need to be considered.


Geotechnical investigation, sampling and laboratory testing will give the designer a narrow field in which to design the foundations in terms of size, depth, material and reinforcement.


Our team has extensive experience in geotechnical fieldwork and we have a number of strategic business relationships to enable us to offer a complete service providing you with detailed information on the ground/structure interface.


If you have a project in the pipeline or would just like to enquire we will be happy to tailor a cost effective solution to fit your development.



Symmetric Cloud Software

Professional Services

Some of our clients have asked us to undertake additional work on their behalf, where we have the expertise we can help where we don't we will tell you but can probably find someone who does.


Recently we have provided Agent services for a number of clients in preparing their Building Consents, Resource Consents and liaising with the statutory bodies concerned.


We are able to produce high quality site GIS drawings and layouts. We are happy to set out your site from a surveyed cadastal benchmark or GIS survey.


Please feel free to ask us about any help or advice you may need, dealing with Councils for instance can be daunting and we are happy to help in interpretation or how to respond.



Aerial Survey and Modelling

Using the very latest in Robotic Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and high resolution digital photography we can provide our clients with processed 3 Dimensional models tailored to meet their requirements.


The RPAs manufactured and developed by Aeronavics and run by RPA Systems are capable of some pretty heavy lifting; 3 to 4 kg in some cases which equates to a lot of photographic and survey gear.


By creating a georeferenced photographic mosaic through on ground fixed survey points and in built gps in the RPA, each photograph can be translated into a triangulated point cloud using Pix4D software. This in turn can be converted into a 3D mesh or surface with generally comparable accuracy to that of Lidar.


We are currently involved in a couple of projects in the extractive industry, providing detailed analysis of unstable or difficult access slopes.


Please feel free to ask us about about this service and what it could do for your project and bottom line.



Black Lion Limited is the official Australasian distribution business partner and first level support agent for Symmetric.


Symmetric is an Internet Cloud based Geo drilling management platform. It allows you to enter, process and monitor Geo-technical data wherever they are, wherever you are, in real time, over the Internet. With information available for immediate analysis and reporting, you have complete visibility of drilling operations, no matter how wide they maybe spread.

With Symmetric you can work as a team on the same or different Geo-technical drilling projects. In this way, your team involved in the drilling operations can work simultaneously together on one or several projects.

Therefore, increasing productivity significantly, eliminating risks related to data, reducing costs and responding to operational issues as they arise, continually monitoring and measuring performance and analyzing the data to produce the best possible outcomes and performance of operations as a whole.