Aerial Inspection & Survey


In line with the increasing use of remote technology in many applications we have teamed up with Dronemate NZAeronavics/RPA Services and Russell Meek Photography to become New Zealand's leading UAV survey provider for the mining and quarrying industry. We can provide a range of options for our clients. Using commercially sized robotic aerial vehicles we can obtain viewpoints and perspectives rarely achievable.


In the mining, construction and quarrying industry, initial inspection or appraisal of rock walls or unstable slopes can be achieved without the need for personnel at risk. Using high resolution digital photography detailed still shots can be taken. These can then be stitched together to form mosaics, with the addition of some survey control the mosaic can be developed using Pix4D software into an accurate 3D model which is compatible with most modelling software used today.



Recent Projects


In March 2015 we were engaged to undertake a complete scan at Oceana Gold's Globe Prospect mine near Reefton, we flew a number of pre-programmed plight paths and then filled in the gaps with a second UAV unit. The end result was over 8Gb of high resolution photographs and once processed we achieved a resolution in the Ortho photos of less than 4cm/pixel.


Surfaces generated were used for detailed rockfall analyses leading to a slope design change to mitigate this local hazard.


A re-scan was undertaken in June 2015 to update the model and that is included for you to examine below. While we were on site we took some pretty awesome movie footage that we have put together in the movie below.


The 3D .pdf file below is a simplified and lower resolution version of what we were able to achieve for our client. Feel free to download and open it with Adobe Reader (Click here to download Adobe Reader) on your own device. If you'd like us to do something for you please contact us and we'll see what we can do.



The range of application for this technology is still being defined however just some of the things we use this for are stockpile survey and measurement, resource volume measurement, inspection of failed slopes to plan stabilisation works, appraisal of landslips, vegetation surveys on rehabilitation, gas sampling, publicity movies & fly through video can all be achieved for low cost and without interrupting operations.


For more information or to discuss your project please contact us and we'll see what we can do.