Construction & Civils


From the ground up, except that often we need to know what the ground is and how it is likely to respond to having a building or structure put on it. The structure to ground interface is very often placed second to the structural design considerations and while geotechnical information need not be expensive it can have a profound effect on the structure.


We can customise our services to suit the nature of your project and develop a strategy to obtain the nescessary information without overkilling it in your budget.

Site Investigation

Whether you are building a home for your family, or developing a section for certification and sale geotechnical information is an important factor to be considered.


You may not need as much design work as you think or you may need to do more, either way having that information can impact on your project costs.


Using a combination of intrusive investigation and background desk study we can come up with a judicious strategy to suit the needs of your project.


If you would like to discuss your project please feel free to contact us.



Our clients often require us to provide them with concise and clear reporting of geotechnical or other information gathered by themselves or by other contractors.


Whether it is primary investigation data, material analysis for engineering fill, geotechnical analysis, field mapping or other information clear reporting in plain language is key.


Our reports are often designed to be read by non-technical council staff, groundworks contractors or private home builders. We will try and keep it simple with clearly understandable recommendations, data tables and diagrams.


If you would like us to look at what we could do for you please send us a message and we can discuss what you might need.


Slope Stability

Steep slopes, high rainfall, seismic events, soft ground, geological structures can all have a significant impact on a project site.


Detailed investigation techniques including remote scanning can gather critical information which used alongside historical research can develop an accurate model of any slope. Using specialised software for modelling the behaviour of a slope under various conditions we can give you an accurate assessment and professional opinion.


Slope stabilisation if required can be designed to meet your requirements and project budget.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to undertake a site appraisal.

GIS Survey & Setting Out

GPS and GIS services are often included as part of our geotechnical investigation reports. We also offer this as a stand alone service. Using commercially available survey equipment we can generate accurate site plans for design and setting out.


While we are not Cadastral Surveyors and therefore unable to mark out the boundaries of your property or sub-division, we can undertake other elements of survey measurement and positioning.


Property information can be gathered from a number of sources and we are happy to gather this data and present it using GIS tools, buffering standoffs, distance from critical services or resource requirements, flood maps or historical land use all lend themselves to this form of presentation.


Please contact us for further information or to talk about what we can do for you.