Mining and Quarrying


Black Lion Limited has extensive experience in dealing with geological and geotechnical issues in the extractive industry. At present we have several regular clients in the mining and quarrying industry for whom we provide a range of services. 

Geotechnical Design

Geotechnical design of excavations, analysis of stability and recommendations for additional support or remedial measures.


Through a range of tools both in the field and in the office we can examine, assess and analyse the geotechnical issues you face. A cost effective solution to any problem can be developed in line with your planning and budget constraints.


We can also provide you with accurate surface modelling using UAV and high resolution imaging technology, have a look at Aerial Inspection & Survey for more information.


Contact us for a discussion regarding these services.

Geotechnical Inspection

Inspection is the first line of defence in ground or strata control. It will generally pick up failures in support systems or excavations before they become hazardous to personnel or production.


Early involvement will enable any remedial or monitoring measures to be more effective and more cost effective.


We are also involved with remote inspection and survey using UAV and high resolution imaging technology, have a look at Aerial Inspection & Survey for more information.


If you'd like us to come and have a look at your tunnel, slope, highwall or shaft then drop us a line on our Contact page.

Hazard Management

Geotechnical or strata control is identified in the extractives industry as a Principlal Hazard. Poor strata control will have a number of detremental effects on an operation, it can hamper access and production, it can cost you money in lost time or damaged infrastructure and equipment and most importantly it can cause injury to your people.


If you would like to confidentially discuss your requirements for Principal Hazard Management, contact us straight away and we can look at providing you with a solution.

Project Management

With our extensive background in management of engineering projects we can provide you with a skilled service to plan, cost, equip and staff projects.


Mining operations, drilling, exploration projects or specialist activities can be tailored to fit within your organisation's structure and budget. Our international network of strategic partners and professionals can provide you with a rapid response to help you.


If you would like to discuss a project or our capabilities please feel free to contact us.